Important note: Alaska History Course provides students, teacher and other interested in Alaska access to a rich source of facts and viewpoints about the site and its history. Use the website as an online texbook, with assessments available for teachers through the Teacher's Guide.

Teachers will need to contact the Alaska Humanities Forum for access to the guide- offered online or as a hardcopy. The Teacher's Guide provides assessment to this site's materials. To learn more about Alaska History and Cultural Studies, please visit the Alaska Humanities Forum website.

      There are six UNITS, each encompassing an important theme or historical period. Linked to the UNITS you'll find extensive information that includes an historical account of that era, stories of the people who lived then, photographs, maps, oral history, letters and other primary resources.

      The TIMELINE at the top of each page identifies important events that happened in Alaska, the United States and in the world and the chronological relationship among them.

      The MAP of Alaska found on the home page and on the sidebar links to the REGIONAL HISTORY of different areas of the state. Run the cursor over the map to link to the regions.

      Go to the TEACHER'S GUIDE for lesson plans and suggested activities. Celebrate the 50th ANNIVERSARY OF STATEHOOD with special lessons developed just for this event.


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