Teacher's Guide

Between Worlds Study Guide

Enduring Understandings

The 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act titled land to Alaska Natives and created corporations to support Alaska Natives economically.

Estimated Time:

Two class periods

Materials needed:

Lesson Plan:

  • For background, have students read the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act section of the Modern Alaska unit narrative.
  • Using the Between Two World Study Guide, have students read the "Economic Powerhouses" article and respond to the following. In 1991 the Alaska Chamber of Commerce threw a party to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of ANCSA. Cite from this article, seven positive economic benefits that excited the Chamber.
  • Have students read Subsistence by Lori Thompson and answer the following.
    • Explain why subsistence has been a major state issue since ANCSA.
    • Why has the federal government stepped in and regulated both game (and recently) fish on federal land?
    • In your opinion, has ANCSA helped or hurt the average Native Alaskan? Explain why and how.
  • Native leaders in the 21st Century will have a demanding job in bringing about a balance. Have students write an essay explaining the nature of this problem and what they think will happen in the next ten years.

Alaska Standards:

History: A, B, C, D
Culture: A, B, E
AK History: AH. CPD 5, AH. CPD 6, AH. ICGP 3, AH. CC 5, AH. CC 7


  Exceeds Meets In Progress Not Started
Content Study Guide responses and essay show a rich under-standing of ANSCA and its impacts as well as the challenges of the future. Extra research is reflected in the written work which is clearly presented. Study Guide responses have been written; essay addresses the impacts of ANSCA and implications for the future. Study Guide reflects the fact that some reading has been done. Essay has been initiated. Study Guide has not been completed. Essay has not been written.