Alaska Content Standards

Government & Citizenship: C
C A student should understand the character of government of the state.

A student who meets the content standard should:

  1. understand the various forms of the state's local governments and the agencies and commissions that influence students' lives and property;
  2. accept responsibility for protecting and enhancing the quality of life in the state through the political and governmental processes;
  3. understand the Constitution of Alaska and sec. 4 of the Alaska Statehood Act, which is known as the Statehood Compact;
  4. understand the importance of the historical and current roles of Alaska Native communities;
  5. understand the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and its impact on the state;
  6. understand the importance of the multicultural nature of the state;
  7. understand the obligations that land and resource ownership place on the residents and government of the state; and
  8. identify the roles of and relationships among the federal, tribal, and state governments and understand the responsibilities and limits of the roles and relationships.