Overview of the Course Web Design

Student Menus

A general overview of the student menu options: 

  • History Units - This primary menu lists the six narrative history units for the course: Alaska's Geography, Alaska's Cultures, Russia's Colony, America's Territory, Governing Alaska, and Modern Alaska.


  • Related Stories - This section of the menu includes supplementary information related to the narrative unit with which it is associated. Here you will find films, power point presentations, special studies and reports, etc. which illuminate and expand on the main narrative information. Two publications are included in their entirety as related stories. "Alaska's Heritage" and "Adventures in the Alaska Economy."

    "Alaska's Heritage" was written by Joan Antonson and William Hanable and published by the Alaska Historical Commission in 1985. "Adventures in the Alaska Economy" by Steve Jackstadt, was published by the Alaska Council on Economic Education in 1990. Both were digitized and are presented on the web site in chapter format. The relevant chapters are linked to the appropriate chronological units. These provide students with additional information and historical perspectives on the subject matter.


  • Field Trips - Virtual field trips links enable students to visit people and places around the state. All are related to the historical period being studied in the narrative unit.

  • In The News - In this section, newspaper articles help students make the connection between the present and the past. The goal is to encourage students to stay abreast of current events through all media available to them and to make connections between today's events and the Alaska's past history. In The News helps students find relevance in the study of history.

  •  Regional History Map - Click on any of the five sections of the map to read about a given region of Alaska.