Overview of the Course Web Design

The Home Page


The home page (www.akhistorycourse.org) has a floating menu which can be found at the top of all of the website pages. There are five topics:

1. The Home menu and the Alaska History and Cultural Studies logo sends users to the home page. 

2. The Student menu provides two menus that cover the main elements of the course. 

The first menu lists six history units: Geography, Alaska Cultures, Russia's Colony, America's Territory, Governing Alaska, and Modern Alaska. Click on any given unit to read through the table of contents as well as view the sidebar menu for additional content:

  • Related Stories
  • Field Trips
  • In the News

The second menu is the Alaska Map divided into five regions. Click on any of the five regions for more information.

3. The Teacher Guide is for educators and provides course information and assessments. 

4. The Timelines menu presents five periods of time in Alaska History. Click on any period to view the given timeline.

5. The Support menu and the Contact us link within the home page welcome message provides a contact form for website and program assistance.