Alaska Content Standards

History D
D A student should be able to integrate historical knowledge with historical skill to effectively participate as a citizen and as a lifelong learner.

A student who meets the content standard should:

  1. understand that the student is important in history;
  2. solve problems by using history to identify issues and problems, generate potential solutions, assess the merits of options, act, and evaluate the effectiveness of actions;
  3. define a personal position on issues while understanding the historical aspects of the positions and roles assumed by others;
  4. recognize and demonstrate that various issues may require an understanding of different positions, jobs, and personal roles depending on place, time, and context;
  5. base personal citizenship action on reasoned historical judgment with recognition of responsibility for self and others; and
  6. create new approaches to issues by incorporating history with other disciplines, including economics, geography, literature, the arts, science, and technology.