Alaska Content Standards

History A
A A student should understand that history is a record of human experiences that links the past to the present and the future.

A student who meets the content standard should:

  1. understand chronological frameworks for organizing historical thought and place significant ideas, institutions, people, and events within time sequences;
  2. know that the interpretation of history may change as new evidence is discovered;
  3. recognize different theories of history, detect the weakness of broad generalization, and evaluate the debates of historians;
  4. understand that history relies on the interpretation of evidence;
  5. understand that history is a narrative told in many voices and expresses various perspectives of historical experience;
  6. know that cultural elements, including language, literature, the arts, customs, and belief systems, reflect the ideas and attitudes of a specific time and know how the cultural elements influence human interaction;
  7. understand that history is dynamic and composed of key turning points;
  8. know that history is a bridge to understanding groups of people and an individual's relationship to society; and
  9. understand that history is a fundamental connection that unifies all fields of human understanding and endeavor.