Alaska Content Standards

Culture A
A Culturally knowledgeable students are well grounded in the cultural heritage and traditions of their community.

Students who meet this cultural standard are able to:

  1. assume responsibilities for their role in relation to the well-being of the cultural community and their lifelong obligations as a community member;
  2. recount their own genealogy and family history;
  3. acquire and pass on the traditions of their community through oral and written history;
  4. practice their traditional responsibilities to the surrounding environment;
  5. reflect through their own actions the critical role that the local heritage language plays in fostering a sense of who they are and how they understand the world around them;
  6. live a life in accordance with the cultural values and traditions of the local community and integrate them into their everyday behavior; and
  7. determine the place of their cultural community in the regional, state, national, and international political and economic systems.