Teacher's Guide

Geography: My Community as a Region

Enduring Understandings

Region is a conceptual tool that provides a way to organize space.

Estimated Time:

One class period.

Materials needed:

Course CD or student access to Internet (Geography Unit)

Lesson Plan:

  1. Students read the geography section: Types of Regions.
  2. Discuss the differences between formal, functional and perceptual regions in Alaska.
  3. Have them work in small groups and research your community to answer the question: Using our community, how would you view it as a formal region? A functional region? A perceptual region?
  4. Students respond to the question with a written product and Venn diagram.

Alaska Standards:

Culture: A
History: D
Geography: B
AK History: AH. PPE 1


  Exceeds Meets In Progress Not Started
Content The written work and diagram answer the questions completely and accurately. Writing is insightful.

Venn diagram is well executed.
Written work and diagram answer the questions in a complete and accurate manner. Work is sketchy and shows little effort to respond to the questions. No response to the questions has been developed. Venn diagram has not been attempted.
Presentation of Work Work is legible, coherent and shows extra attention to detail. Body of work is legible and coherent. Work is messy; shows little effort. No work has been presented.