Teacher's Guide

Geography: Alaska Geography Treasure Hunt

Enduring Understandings

To a geographer, place is somewhere people can identify as special or distinctive; places have tangible physical and human geographic characteristics.

Estimated Time:

One class periods

Materials needed:

Course link to Geography unit narrative
Outline map of state

Lesson Plan:

  1. Using copies of the outline map have individual students locate as many of the features listed on the Treasure Hunt sheet as possible, without assistance. Encourage them to add other places to the list, for extra credit.
  2. Using a larger, classroom map of the state and/or map web sites, have students complete the map as a group
  3. Throughout the rest of the course, have students refer to their map of the state, to put historical events in a geographic context.

Alaska Standards:

History: C, D
Geography: A, B, E, F
AK History: AH PPE 1


  Exceeds Meets In Progress Not Started
Content Map includes all features and places from the Treasure Hunt list. Additional places have been added. Placement is geographically correct. Map includes most features and places from the Treasure Hunt list. Those identified are generally in the right geographic location. Map includes some features and places identified on the Treasure Hunt list. They have been placed in approximately the correct location. No features have been identified on the map of Alaska.

*Lesson based on Alaska Studies course materials, Anchorage School District.