Teacher's Guide

Political Relations Activity


Complete the subjects of sentences in A by matching them with the predicates of sentences in B.

A. Sentence Beginnings

  1. The political authority of Alaska Natives ____________
  2. Conflicts between the Tlingits and the military erupted only when ___________
  3. White businessmen and missionaries had led a well-organized effort to ______________
  4. Until 1884 Alaska Natives were denied _____
  5. They had no legal recourse in resisting ________
  6. In 1924 they elected William Paul, a brilliant Tlingit lawyer, _______________
  7. In 1945 the territorial legislature enacted __________

B. Sentence Endings

  1. protection provided under U. S. Indian law and policy.
  2. native people applied their traditional laws to whites.
  3. an antidiscrimination bill.
  4. went almost unchallenged during the initial period of U.S. administration, in part because of the small American population and the absence of civil law.
  5. as the first Alaska Native representative to the territorial legislature.
  6. the ongoing encroachments into their territories and the appropriations of their land and resources.
  7. promote the passage of the act in order to expand their opportunities and to promote the “settlement” of the area.