Russia's Colony

Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions

Enduring Understandings

Essential Questions

Beginning in the 15th century, western European countries developed new attitudes and technologies to sail to lands unknown to them, which they explored and mapped, and from which they took resources. Europeans viewed Natives as inferior, and did not honor their rights or sovereignty.

Russians and other Europeans gathered scientific and geographic information about Alaska.

Exploiting Alaska's resources led to creation of a Russian monopoly company. Russians were dependent on Native Alaskans for labor, supplies and other necessities.

The Russian Orthodox mission in Alaska helped to defend Alaska Native rights and established schools and orphanages.

Russia sold its American colony because it was becoming unprofitable and was impossible to defend.

Why did Europeans view the indigenous peoples they encountered as inferior?

Why Russia did they establish a colony in Alaska?

Why and how did the Russian Orthodox mission to Alaska help Alaska's Native people?

Why did Russia sell its American colony?